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The Turbo 360 Developer Circle is our all-access membership program dedicated to guiding developers from the learning stage all the way through career advancement. Whether you want to work full-time or freelance, the Developer Circle has curriculum tracks specifically focused on your goals.

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Track 1

Intro to Development

Our Intro to Development sequence is best for beginners who have little to no background in web development. The course guides you through the basics of HTML/CSS/Javascript/jQuery then builds a series of small, simple projects to strengthen your foundation. The course then moves on to Node & Express for more sophisticated database-driven projects which are the building blocks of the modern web.

Track 2

Road To Freelance

The Road to Freelance sequence builds a series of projects that accentuate the key skills required to succeed as a freelance engineer. The core features requested by most freelance clients are very similar and can be boiled down to a handful of APIs, SDKs, and frameworks. By completing this sequence, you will have an appealing portfolio of projects to showcase when meeting with potential clients.

Turbo 360
Turbo 360

Track 3

Road To Startups

Working in a startup requires a different breadth of skill than freelancing. Typically, startups have a more cutting-edge stack such as React & Redux and our Road to Startups sequence heavily focuses on these areas. Though freelancing with startups is a perfectly valid option, it still requires a knowledge base covered in this sequence. If your goal is to work or launch a tech startup, this is the right path for you.

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User Reviews

Don't take our word for it. See what others are saying.

The main reason I joined turbo 360 was because of your excellent tutorials. To be honest, I have learned so much in full stack javascript development over these past 2 weeks from your tutorials than I ever had from any other online platform. I have also tried turbo-cli through one of your tutorials - The Garage sale app.

Turbo 360
Roshan Sureen
Masters Student

A big selling point of your site was the project based tutorials. When I saw things like make a snapchat clone or build a garage sale site that's what caused me to buy.

Turbo 360
Max Armstrong

The tutorials are so focused on the development process in a professional environment that when I started working as a contract engineer last year, I felt like I already knew what to expect. The material went beyond just tehcnical instruction - Dan warned against typical mistakes beginners make, how to handle clients, and much more. Joining Turbo 360 was a no-brainer.

Turbo 360
Ryan Byrne
Freelance Developer, React & React Native

Towards the end of my coding bootcamp, I was struggling to understand React & Redux. I tried using different boilerplates and went through various tutorials, but still could not get my head around the fundamentals. Then I came across the tutorials from Turbo 360. The tutorials are well structured, interactive and practical which was extremely helpful for understanding React and Redux. After spending several days going through these tutorials, I was able to build full stack web applications from scratch using the MERN stack. With that skill in hand, I was then offered UI Developer Internship at Solarwinds in Austin, TX.

Turbo 360
Jimmy Hong
Junior Developer, Solar Winds - Austin, TX

I got a lot out of doing that quick restaurant video. I have been hopping around a couple different things but front-end optimization and just dealing with that stuff was a big weak spot for me and the progression from the garage sale app( which was phenomenal) to that has really levelled me up a megaton. I was struggling with how to start projects and that really helped out.

Turbo 360
Ian Daley
Freelance Developer, Hartford

Just two months after finishing the React Redux Course, I am freelancing for four companies with the hourly rates ranging from $50 to $125. I was immediately able to apply the skills and techniques professionally. Switching careers to software is incredibly challenging and Turbo 360 helped my transition beyond just teaching me how to code (which they did too).

Turbo 360
Rob Ungar
Freelance Developer, NYC

I just landed a new React job today largely due to you so thank you for all that I have learned from your tutorials.

Turbo 360
Nick Wease

For the last 3-4 month's I've been on a 8-10hr a day binge of learning software development and found most tutorials/courses boring, too slow, and that cover far too many menial tasks. I learn best from your style of teaching and the speed in which you teach and your continued expression of 'repetition and learn by doing'.

Turbo 360
Trey Martin
Freelance Developer, Philadelphia

I really enjoy your lessons, and teaching style, I love the fact that you like to code from scratch, and I believe that you explain really well basic concepts, like strategy and structure of the project, from backend to frontend. I am not a begginer developer, I am actually Fullstack Academy graduate, and still find your curriculum of apps really useful, and premium membership great value.

Turbo 360
Bojan Jovanovic
Graduate, Fullstack Academy




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