Beatpo, is a way for users to buy and sell music. Users can either search and pay for beats, or create their own beats and sell them on Beatpo. Users can search for beats through user profiles, genres, or by trending beats. Users can add specific beats to their cart, and when they are done shopping, they can check out. Any money they spend on beats created by other users goes straight to the creator. After purchasing, the user can download the beat straight to their computer, and use it for their music right away.



* To use these vectors in your project, make the following API call with the corresponding method for the Vector in use:

If the Vector is not public, you will need to register an account on Turbo 360 to get an API key. Each call to the Vectors will then require the API key as a query parameter (?key=API-KEY) or as a request header under the key 'Turbo-API-Key',



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