Expresso brings the coffee to you. Our service allows select students at NYU order coffee straight from our site to be delivered to them at their door. Users can select to pay with card, cash, or venmo. Users can select either to buy a single cup of coffee for $1.50, or pay a subscription price of $5 a week for 5 days of coffee. When a cup of coffee is purchased, expresso will send a text to one of the delivery men, who will be able to deliver to the coffee to whoever bought it.


sms MULTIPLE sms

* To use these vectors in your project, make the following API call with the corresponding method for the Vector in use:

If the Vector is not public, you will need to register an account on Turbo 360 to get an API key. Each call to the Vectors will then require the API key as a query parameter (?key=API-KEY) or as a request header under the key 'Turbo-API-Key',



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