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BizHost is an example startup for listing nearby businesses. It utilizes a generic "Listing" resource for listing businesses or any other type of listing that you need, as well as a user resource for user profile management. A fully built out dashboard is included in this project, which allows the user to update their profile and list businesses. There is also a consumer facing, business list page including a map that is built with the Google maps API. The individual listing page template is also built out, so each listing has its own page with featured photos, the listing's host, and more. The technology behind this template is the Turbo360 API for easily hosting the resources for this project. The frontend of the template is built in simple and semantic HTML and CSS as well as some AJAX for dynamically updating the frontend while making requests. AJAX is done in easy to understand JQuery. Please check out our one page documentation on how to use the Pages templates and update the pages to your needs!

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Launch this project on your Turbo account by cloning it. Cloning enables you to import entire projects with full functionality and feature integration in minutes then customize it to fit your needs. To learn more about cloning, click HERE.

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How it Works

  1. Browse available sites
  2. Select a site and clone it
  3. Update clone with your text, images, links, etc.
  4. Connect your custom domain
  5. Profit!