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A free coming soon page, that collects emails from people who are interested in your product, service etc. the emails are sent to the Turbo360 DataStore. This can obviously be changed so that the emails can be sent to mail chimp or a similar alternative so that you can start a newsletter or just keep it simple and send text or styled emails. A blog section may be added soon. This is free to use so modify it as to fit your needs. This is just a starting point

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Project cloning enables users to fully transfer a project to their account. This is ideal for getting a project up and running in a matter of minutes with full stack functionality. Once cloned, users can then update the codebase to fit their specific project needs and further customize the app.


Depending on the project, cloning instantly provides key functionality required in most apps: user registration/login, database, social login, email notification and more. In addition, the design and UI of the project is integrated. Simply pick a project that appeals to you from a design and functionality perspective and clone it - you're up and running.


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