Mail Flow

Turbo projects can send emails on behalf of the project admins. In order to send an email from a specific address, that email address must be confirmed as an admin or creator of the project. By default, Turbo projects are limited to 100 emails per day but this limit can be greatly increased by confirming your domain.

Sending Emails

$ turbo.sendEmail(emailParams, completion)

The emailParams argument is a JSON object containing the parameters required to send an email:


fromemailStringTrueEmail address of the sender. Must be the admin or collaborator of the project.
fromnameStringTrueName of sender.
recipientStringTrueAddress that will receive the email.
subjectStringTrueEmail subject.
contentStringTrueEmail body. Can be formatted HTML.

Email Dashboard

Emails can also be sent via the email dashboard. To view the dashboard, log in to your Turbo 360 account and click on your project. From there, click the "email" menu item on the left hand menu:

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To prevent abuse, Turbo apps are limited to 50 emails per day. However, this limit can be effictively unlimited by registering a unique URL for your project (via a third-party DNS provider such as GoDaddy or Namecheap) and then configuring your domain on Turbo.

Connecting Project to a Domain

After registering a URL with your DNS provider, login to Turbo and select your project from the dashboard. In the "overview" section, find the row called "domain" and click "Connect Domain" - in the prompt, enter your domain ( and press the "connect" button. After a few seconds, your domain should be registered.

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Configuring Your Domain for Email

By configuring your domain, your project can send as many emails as needed (free tier is 100 per day, afterward $1 per 1,000 emails sent) however will still be subject to restrictions if abused. To configure a domain, login to Turbo then select your project from the dashboard. Select the "email" menu item on the left. In the dropdown menu that appears, select the "configure domain" option as shown below:

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Follow the instructions from that selection. Note that the instructions will not be complete until the project has a custom domain confirmed.


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