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Im a front end web developer working in New York City for Madison Square Garden. I have 10 years of industry web development experience. I have worked in a lot of different types of business environments, and I have also had my own business for a number of years. My main skillset is focused on building complete UI and Layouts for websites and applications. I also handle closing clients for software work. I have completed a lot of contract RFP responses. My main tech stack is LAMP based. I have high levels of experience with HTML, PHP, CSS, SASS and Javascript. I have CMS experience with Wordpress, Drupal and Kentico that goes beyond general content entry experience. I have built custom plugins, modules and themes from the group up for these CMS tools. I have also setup Wordpress Architectures in WPEngine and AWS. I am also comfortable with Adobe Design Suite tools like Photoshop, Illustrator and After Effects. I have less than a year of experience using Node.js, C#, Angular 1, React/Redux and .Net.


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