Deploying Websites

GitHub Pages

Publish your site to GitHub Pages by version controlling your project and pushing changes to the remote repo as you normally would. GitHub is a great option for static sites because it seamlessly integrates with the Git workflow.

Amazon S3

Amazon S3 (Simple Storage Service) is an easy way to host your site and for very little cost. In this section, we deploy our site using the S3 web-based visual dashboard and discuss the differences between S3 and GitHub pages from a high level technical perspective.


Turbo is a free hosting option for static sites that uses a CLI to deploy to its distributed system: Turbo requires a few more steps to deploy than the other options but this is to enforce best practice such as optimizing asset delivery. In this sense, Turbo is more "opinionated" than the other two and as such, a good way to learn best practice web development.

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