React App with Facebook Auth

Turbo 360

In this project, we will create a simple React with Redux app that uses Facebook authentication to gain additional information about the user. The app will register users the conventional way - username & password - then connect to a Facebook app in order to get additional information about the user such as first name and last name. You will need a Facebook Developer account ( as well as an app on Facebook for testing.

Setting up and Registering Users (22:47)

To begin, we set up an app using the Turbo scaffolding too with the React/Redux flag so we can jump right into our core app logic. We register a few test users and confirm that they appear on the Turbo backend as expected. We then deploy the app to staging in order to make sure everything works properly in a live hosting environment.

Updating Users (35:09)

In this video, we set up a user admin page where registered users can update their profiles. We connect the current user to the Redux store then create a new action for updating the user's profile info on the Turbo backend.

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