What is a Vector

Vectors are microservices, in this case serverless functions, that are deployed onto Turbo 360. They can also be re-used in your projects and - if you allow - other projects, either for free or at a price of your choosing. Vectors are best suited for repeat functionality across several projects such as email notification or new user registration. Used effectively, Vectors can boost your productivity by orders of magnitude.

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Vector Marketplace

Sell your Vectors in our exclusive Vector Marketplace. No need to worry about managing user payment info, promotion, and more - we handle that while you focus on building great products.

Slack Invite

Simple vector for automating invites to a Slack workspace. Ideal for use when a new user registers to your application - Slack Invite can automatically send an invitation to your Slack channel... read more

Social Auth

Social Auth provides authentication services for major 3rd party networks such as Facebook and Instagram. To use Social Auth, you need to have an app on whichever platform you want to... read more

Image Transform

Image transform takes an image url and returns three formatted versions: original, cropped and thumbnail. The formatted results can also be extended to more additional versions... read more

Two Sample Vectors

Creating Vectors

Create and deploy a project on Vector in under 5 minutes:

1. Install Dependencies
$ sudo npm i -g webpack
$ sudo npm i -g gulp
$ sudo npm i -g turbo-cli
2. Create Vector Project
$ turbo new MY_FIRST_VECTOR --vector
3. Create Project on Turbo 360 and Copy the App ID

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4. Set App ID and Install Dependencies
$ turbo app MY_APP_ID
$ npm install
5. Publish
$ turbo vectors

And you're all set! Once the Vectors are published, you will see a link in the terminal where you can run the Vectors via standard HTTP requests. Vectors can also be run through the Turbo 360 NPM library.


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